I started my writing career composing lyrics for songs. Fortunately almost right away my co-writer and I were very successful. We began having releases in Europe and then all over the world culminating in a number one in America. Unfortunately shortly after this music publishers began taking over one another until there were limited places for a writer to pitch their songs. Also publishers began to go out of business as the singer songwriter era began. Our own songs changed companies three times in America ending up with Sony Music America. Unless you have some sort of inside track, the chances that Sony would plug your songs to artists looking for new material were remote; owing to the thousands of songs in their catalogue.

Another problem began when some singer songwriters, who had no real talent for writing, insisted on putting their own songs on their albums. This would have disastrous consequences and the album would sink without trace. They would then go back to the publishers or writers they had used successfully before, but it would be too late. One bad album would mean the public would not be willing to take a chance on the next release.

Also another problem was that accountants began to run the music companies, not the people who knew about music. At this stage my co-writer and I left the music industry. The next wave to break the back for writers happened when a large section of the music industry was taken over by talent shows like X FACTOR.

Sometime after this I started writing a book; it was very loosely about various experiences in my life. I had no structure or plan I just wrote what I felt needed to be told. I knew from the start that I would be writing a controversial book, but undaunted, I persevered. Once I started I couldn’t stop, it was an all consuming passion that I never knew that I had.

Of course, I never thought about whether it would ever get published, I was just compelled to write it. On the day I finished 'An Unconventional Life' I felt totally drained; empty of any desire to write again. I thought that I would never write another word. I had nothing to inspire me. For about four days I did nothing. Then one day I just sat down at the computer and before long words flowed out of me again. I somehow out of nowhere, found a completely imaginary story.

Since then I haven’t stopped for more than a day. I am now on my fourth book; not including a sequel to my first book, which I have been encouraged to write by a book critic.

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