Jonathan's first novel based on a true story, John is a country boy and as a teenager during the 50s thinks he will be married by the time he is 25. When his friend Mark seduces him John thinks it's just a teenage crush. They part when John has to go into the RAF. During the time he is away he realises he is gay and marriage is not an option for him. Life takes an unexpected turn when he returns home.

The sequel to Jonathan Clift’s first book ‘An Unconventional Life’. It is now the Eighties and John is living in Mallorca with Joe. After just two years Joe is killed in a boating accident and John thinks he’s suddenly facing a future alone and lonely. However, former boyfriend Brad writes him a letter asking if he can stay at the Inn. On arrival he has a young teenager with him. As time goes by Brad is not the only friend who arrives from John’s past.

Mike Spencer's investigations often lead him into dangerous places. He becomes a connoisseur of the late, late bars and the night people who never seem to want the sun to rise. Most of the time there is a stunning lady in the background waiting for him on the other side of his bed. His disastrous first marriage leaves him vulnerable and never sure of himself. His life becomes transformed when he employs a secretary called Thelma.
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